About us

Instituto Bioquímico Ibérico is a member of the IBSA Group

Established in 2019 in Barcelona, at the heart of one of the most dynamic bio clusters in Southern Europe; particularly active in the human health care field with 90 research centers and more than 400 research groups engaged in the field of life sciences.

Although our products have been available for the Spanish patients since 2004, our direct presence begins in November 2019; since then and through a small and high-quality focused team we have become a relevant player in specific areas such as reproductive and aesthetic medicine with a turnover over 10 million €. These are just some of the figures that makes us a successful “startup” in the Spanish pharmaceutical sector.

Our Research & Development activities employ latest-generation technologies to optimize the bioavailability, efficacy and safety of existing active substances in order to develop simpler, more evolved treatment systems as part of our commitment to provide healthcare professionals with efficacious and reliable novel treatment solutions able to improve patients’ quality of life.

The original results of several Spanish studies, of which many developed in partnership with major universities, are protected by international patent. To this day IBSA holds 90 registered patent families and many others in development.

IBSA Ibérica’s portfolio covers 5 different therapeutic areas covering different therapeutic categories, such as prescription drugs, medical devices and food supplements.

The company’s on-going investments in human resources, innovation and productive capacity allow it to maintain a healthy new product pipeline.
As a member of the IBSA Group, our work is based on the fundamental pillars Person, Innovation, Quality and Responsibility and all company activities are performed in compliance with the principles set forth in the Group’s Ethical Code and Anti-bribery Guidelines, in the firm conviction that an attention to the lawfulness, principles and values they enshrine are essential conditions of company life.