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IBSA Derma Ibérica promotes the "Everyone is a Masterpiece" awards, a revolutionary contest in the world of aesthetic medicine

IBSA Derma Ibérica promotes the "Everyone is a Masterpiece" awardswhich aims to give visibility to the talent of our professionals in Spain and, whose first edition, has focused on the enhancement of lips, rewarding the most aesthetically beautiful cases and those of greater technical difficulty.

In the words of Dr. Natalia Ribé, specialist in Aesthetic Medicine, medical director of the Institut Dr. Natalia Ribé and Ambassador of IBSA Derma Spain, "this contest is a very innovative way of both sharing success stories and rewarding excellence. The lips are the most demanded facial treatment and constitute one of the most difficult parts to tackle without losing the harmony of the face".


On February 24th, during the 38th Congress of the Spanish Society of Medicine (SEME), the "Everyone is a Masterpiece" awards gala was held. 

Dr. Mirella Garrigós, dermatologist at the Instituto Dermatológico was the winner of the Aesthetic Canon Award. The Technical Canon Award went to Dr. Sergio Baena, aesthetic doctor and director of the Dr. Baena Clinic.
"With this contest, we have been able to show practical cases that have allowed us to see the evolution of each patient, in such a way that we have known which technique was applied and what the challenge was in each case," declares Jordi Alorda, director of the dermo-aesthetic division.


More and more women and men, especially the younger ones, are turning to aesthetic medicine centres in search of full, plumped lips or simply looking for a touch of freshness and rejuvenation and to correct imperfections. For specialists, lip sculpting in different types of pacients has become an art and even a challenge to achieve the distinction that each person seeks to show their own unique personality.
In this sense, IBSA Derma has created a new protocol called Egolips, which works in harmony with the physiognomy and character of each person and consists of three types of approaches: Essential, Glamour and Outstanding. For this, IBSA Derma proposes the use of ultra-pure, pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acids, produced by means of a patented biotechnological process (biofermentation).

The success of the "Everyone is a Masterpiece" Awards