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First edition of IBSA Osteoarticular Advances: Sharing Expertise In Osteoarticular Health

On 17th November, IBSA Iberia held the 1st edition of Osteoarticular Advances: Sharing Expertise In Osteoarticular Health, in such an emblematic location as the Rafa Nadal Academy (Manacor, Mallorca), bringing together the world of sport and the world of medicine for the first time in IBSA Iberia’s history.

This 1st edition brought together specialists in the traumatology, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and pain medicine fields to discuss different hot topics within the osteoarticular area, in a programme of great scientific value for all attendees. The event was also a great opportunity for the experts to share different experiences and knowledge in the area.


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In the first part of the morning, high-level scientists directed their attention towards the peripheral nerve, delving into diverse topics ranging from biological underpinnings of the peripheral nerve (Dr. Sabino Padilla) to the ultrasound diagnosis of nerve pathology (Dr. Jordi Palau) and approaching the different therapeutic alternatives currently available (Dr. Mikel Sánchez and Dr. David Abejón).

The next segment adressed the topic of degenerative pathology in young patients, in which the lecturers discussed the science behind the pathology (Dr. Sabino Padilla), the latest updates in biological therapies (Severiano Dos Anjos, Ph.D.), and the different treatment options that can be used to improve the quality of life of all patients (Dr. David López Canapé).

Concluding the morning session, Andrea Giori, the Director of Research and Development at IBSA Group, delivered a presentation on innovation in the development of stable cooperative hybrid complexes, followed by the morning's closing presentation on the scientific evidence of our osteoarticular products, lectured by Dr. Alberto Migliore.

Throughout the morning, the dynamic interactions fostered during the event facilitated a platform for debate enabling all attendees to express their opinions on the most current issues in the osteoarticular area.

To conclude the event, a final round table was held in the sports medicine and traumatology areas. All along, Dr. Nicolás Terrados delivered a masterly lecture on the existent relationship between the pathophysiology of fatigue and muscle injury, the therapeutic orientation to address it (Dr. Almudena Ferández-Bravo) and, finally, Dr. Ignacio Pérez Buendía addressed the proper readaptation and return to play, that ensures that elite athletes return as quickly and effectively as possible to high-level sports.


Despite the highly scientific nature of this event, IBSA remains aware of the valuable growth potential that these gatherings offer. To understand the healthcare professionals’ needs, and thus better adapt to what they are looking for, the company always encourages debate and exchange of ideas, as a means to explore them in future editions or projects to come.


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Concluding the inaugural edition of IBSA Osteoarticular Advances: Sharing Expertise in Osteoarticular Health 2023, IBSA is confident that this event will emerge as a benchmark in future iterations. Events of this scientific magnitude afford attending specialists the opportunity to to review and update scientific concepts related to osteoarticular pathologies, learn about the most advanced treatments and technologies, and debate the progress of the industry.


At IBSA, we’re committed to driving innovation in the osteoarticular sector and look forward to continuing to collaborate with key players and industry leaders in the future, aiming to improve our products and the quality of life of all patients.

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