Corporate Social Responsibility

Zoom In Day: IBSA Iberia’s welcomes the next generation

IBSA Iberia has always been involved in the family reality of its employees. This involvement is achieved through various initiatives driven by the HR department, among which is the Zoom In Day initiative A day that aims to provide the children of the employees with an internal and detailed insight into how a company operates, offering guidance for their initial steps in the professional world.


On January 18th, IBSA Iberia hosted the 1st edition of Zoom In Day, during which 7 young individuals aged between 17 and 22, children of employees, had the chance to dive into the working atmosphere of IBSA Iberia's offices in Barcelona. They gained practical and valuable insights into the business world.

"This initiative stemmed from the realization that, in most cases, high school students, when choosing a career, are unaware of the working world. Considering that in Spain, approximately 80% of employees work in the private sector—specifically in companies—by the end of their studies, most of these young people will likely work in a private company. That's why we aimed to provide them with a general overview of a company's goals, operations, and structure; the necessary training for both generalist and specialized positions and equip them with tools they can use as they enter the labour market" said Piccarda Donati, Head of Person, Legal, and Compliance at IBSA Iberia.

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To assist these young individuals in their future academic and career decisions, the day was structured into two sessions:

In the morning, after a presentation on the components of companies, internal functions, and the requirements for various positions, there was a session focused on management. This provided a clear insight into business management through a dynamic gaming activity, allowing participants to learn the value of decision-making and the internal workings of a company.

In the afternoon, the focus shifted to career guidance. "They've told us how to approach our professional lives and provided us with very useful tools for interviews and preparing our resumes. We've also been able to analyze our skills and how to leverage them in the labour market. It's been a very interesting training, and hopefully, future generations can enjoy this opportunity," said 17-year-old Lucia.


Driven by the commitment of IBSA Group and its president and CEO, Dr. Arturo Licenziati, to education and people, IBSA Iberia has developed the Zoom In program. This initiative serves as an opportunity to underscore the company's dedication to its employees and to reinforce the value of companies as active contributors to the education and development of future generations.