Corporate Social Responsibility

The Sustainability Manifesto originates from the symbol “IBSA, CLOSE TO YOU”


About forty years ago, a little big idea took its first step: the creation of a humanised company, well integrated into the community, in perfect harmony with the people and the environment.

It seems like the beginning of a fairy tale, and in some ways it is. But it’s mainly the narrative of the entrepreneurial thinking of IBSA’s founder and President Arturo Licenziati who, with foresight and passion, outlined a growth path in stages. This journey led to the building of a multinational company that is both solid in its values ​​and sensitive about the environment and to the design of a district consisting of buildings, offices and factories in perfect harmony with this prerequisite.

With this news – and others that we will publish throughout the year – we intend to reminisce this idea, which was original then, and is still cutting-edge today.

Over time, this idea thrived and, three years ago, it gave life to the symbol IBSA, CLOSE TO YOU, designed to respond to the challenges of the future, with a strategy focused on both the environmental and the social and economic impact of corporate activities.

Today, after three years of consolidation, IBSA, CLOSE TO YOU originated the Sustainability Manifesto, a statement which will act as a compass for the future of IBSA


To face today’s and tomorrow’s challenges from a sustainability perspective, IBSA’s ESG & Real Estate department, led by Christophe Almeida Direito, Sr. ESG & Real Estate Manager, defined the key passages of this Manifesto, which ratifies the founding values ​​of the company, as well as the objectives, the strategy and the stylistic code which will guide, in all its subsidiaries, the concrete execution of projects, spaces and initiatives, in perfect harmony with the company’s ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) goals.

According to the principle of shared prosperity and under the sign of the four-leaf clover – a logo that brings together in a single icon all the projects carried out by the ESG & Real Estate department and its Manifesto, IBSA reinforces its commitment to the well-being of people, the environment, the territory and the community.



In a global context characterised by uncertainty and complexity, the need to respond to the world’s critical issues through a different way of thinking appears crystal clear. This means making choices that have a positive effect on the people, the community and the planet.


This is why we take care of the people and promote health and well-being, with particular attention to the social aspects of our actions, to add value to the territory in support of local communities, while promoting cultural activities as well as solidarity and inclusion projects.

IBSA, Close to You.


We share Sustainability, Innovation and Beauty.


The four-leaf clover is the symbol that encompasses all our Sustainability, Innovation and Beauty projects, while representing a commitment and a responsibility with regard to which we firmly state: “We are close to you!


We are close to you – with a focus on the well-being of both individuals and communities and the desire to share the value we generate, to help build a more equitable and inclusive society.


We are close to you – with our scientific research which places the Person, their health and well-being at the centre, while listening to and valuing their voice, with the aim of developing drugs in the best form.


We are close to you – with significant investments, technological innovation and new ways of operating, which allow us to grow and prosper in harmony with nature, thanks to the optimisation of the use of resources and energy and the mitigation of any impacts.


We are close to you – with a new, more ethical and responsible way of doing business.


We are committed to this challenge, with dynamism and with the desire to question ourselves and always improve.


We are close to you!




Part of this new story is already underway. Because it is precisely from these assumptions that we got the inspiration to start CorPharma, the industrial district that is gradually taking shape in Canton Ticino, Switzerland, along the strategic Zurich-Milan axis.

Designed starting from the number 4, and recalling the petals of the four-leaf clover, CorPharma reflects the pillars of the company philosophy (Person, Innovation, Quality and Responsibility) and evokes the construction of the ancient Roman cities, characterised by cardo and decumanus, the axes around which a fertile community solidly grows.


Inside the CorPharma district there is cosmos, IBSA’s largest and most innovative production plant, a true excellence that, in the same way as antares (located in Lodi, in Northern Italy), was christened with a name that evokes the universe.

And all this, under the shining guiding light of that ever-expanding little big idea.