Corporate Social Responsibility

IBSA Iberia's Commitment to Inclusive Sailing as Part of the Sailing Into the Future, Together Project

Within the framework of the IBSA Sailing into the Future. Togehter project, IBSA collaborates with sailing clubs in Switzerland, Italy, and France, supporting their inclusive sailing activities aimed at people with disabilities. These activities are designed to involve people with disabilities in experiences involving the sea and the world of sailing. Now, Spain joins these three countries thanks to the agreement between IBSA Iberia and the school Escola de Vela Adaptada de Sitges


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With the signing of the agreement between IBSA Iberia and the Escola de Vela Adaptada, Port de Sitges (EVA), the collaboration between the two entities was formalized. This collaboration will take place starting in May, when the planned activities for 2024 will begin.

During the months of May, June, July, September and October, students of the IBSA Iberia Sailing Academy will participate in weekly sailing classes and acquire other essential aspects for the discipline, such as learning to prepare boats, terminology, and knowledge of the environment. Likewise, sailing is a sport closely linked to the values of teamwork, tolerance, cooperation, and responsibility.

In addition, in August, the summer camp will begin, which will take place during the summer season with the aim of allowing participants to consolidate their knowledge daily.


IBSA Iberia's partner in this initiative is the Escola de Vela Adaptada, founded in 1988 by the initiative of Dr. Victoria Fumadó, a doctor and sailor, and chaired and directed by Montserrat Renom (Technical Director and sailor).

The school's main objective is to teach sailing and work for the integration of people with disabilities and those at risk of exclusion through the practice of sailing and related water sports. The E.V.A. is a benchmark entity, pioneering in improving the quality of life of people and equality through sports.


At IBSA, we believe in the responsibility to create a positive impact both in the community and with everyone. Therefore, IBSA Iberia launches this project alongside EVA, supporting sailing, a sport known for being inclusive, educational, and sustainable.