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Launch of the stARTs Programme: The origin of what will be gestated

The commitment of IBSA lies in providing the best possible care to patients, a goal that is also achieved through the medical training of specialists in all therapeutic areas in which the company is actively involved.

It is a pleasure to announce that on February 2nd, IBSA launched the stARTs programme: The origin of what will be gestated, a training programme designed for Young specialists in assisted reproduction, not only as an educational programme but also as an opportunity for young gynecologists to explore and master all aspects of fertility that interest them the most.

Inspired by the Socratic method, stARTs adopts an active learning approach, where the students themselves are the protagonists of their academic development. The goal is to empower these talented professionals to become key opinion leaders in the field of assisted reproduction.


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stARTs will accompany a carefully selected group of 18 young gynecologists on their journey towards excellence. IBSA's commitment is to provide them with comprehensive training that addresses both the scientific aspects and the cross-cutting skills necessary for their careers. Each participant will have the opportunity to prepare and present an assigned topic, as well as to ask questions and raise doubts about the topics presented by their peers.

The programme will unfold over two years, with six in-person meetings during which participants will present their topics and carry out research projects supervised by a scientific committee, composed of Dr. Juan José Espinós, Dr. Rita Vassena, and Dr. Elisa Gil.


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This first inaugural meeting, which took place in Barcelona, was the initial contact with this team of talented gynecologists, allowing them to get to know each other and begin to share all their experiences and concerns.

IBSA Iberia is embarking on this journey with excitement and eagerness to accompany them on their path, valuing the initiative as an opportunity to reflect the company's commitment to the personal and professional growth of the most promising doctors in the field of gynecology.