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First Edition of the Ácido Hialurónico: Beyond The Last Frontier Symposium

On November 11th IBSA Derma Iberia held the 1st edition of the Ácido Hialurónico: Beyond The Last Frontier symposium at the emblematic Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. Under the slogan "A glimpse into the future of aesthetic medicine", the edition brought together more than 120 aesthetic medicine doctors, providing them with a unique meeting to explore the latest trends and advances in the industry.

The conference was divided into two parts, science and business, with the aim of visualising the future of the market from a 360º perspective. Topics discussing safety improvements, results and enhancing doctor-patient communication were explored.


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The morning was filled with top scientists. Dr. Karina Ravera, a medical specialist in diagnostic imaging, presented the audience the future role of ultrasound in aesthetic medicine. This was followed by Dr. Salvatore. P. Fundaró, plastic surgeon, gave us a more immediate vision of this tool, how to use it and apply it in daily practice. Doctors reached the same conclusion; dermal ultrasound will help us to achieve safer and more effective aesthetic medicine.

To conclude the scientific session, Dr. Franco Grimolizzi, Medical Affairs Manager of IBSA Derma, discussed IBSA's Nahyco® technology and its studies that indicate that the future is already here. With the exciting developments coming up in the next few years, we are heading towards a horizon where hyaluronic acid with Nahyco® technology may become perceived as a drug.


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Aesthetic medicine is a market that is experimenting exponential growth in supply and demand every year. Therefore, it is crucial for those responsible for medical-aesthetic clinics to remember that this sector is a branch of medicine. Correct and serious communication with the patient is essential to ensure a positive future for the sector.

In the business SEGMENT, we were honoured to host Angelo Castello, founder of the Sotherga clinics and CEO of FaceGym, along with Prof. Brian Subirana, lecturer at Harvard University, MIT and Eada. With them, we explored the new waves of patients and how to adapt the brand to the new trends. We finished with the topic of the year, artificial intelligence and how these new tools can improve the communication with our patients. The conclusion is clear: we need to humanize brands and, therefore, it is essential to have people in the marketing department. However, artificial intelligence is here to stay and, in the future, it will be an essential tool to optimize the work of these departments.


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During the Ácido Hialurónico: Beyond The Last Frontier 2023 symposium, medical-aesthetic professionals had the opportunity to explore the latest trends and most exciting developments in the industry, making the event a success. We are committed to driving innovation in the medical aesthetics sector and look forward to continuing to collaborate with leading experts in the future to improve people's lives.


IBSA Iberia demonstrates its commitment to incremental innovation not only in the field of aesthetic medicine but also in the areas of fertility and osteoarticular health. In October, we held the Fertility Advances Meeting, where doctors and experts explored the future keys of reproductive medicine. On November 17th, the Osteoarticular Advances Meeting will take place, focusing on the latest developments in this area.